CenterVoIP is a voip service,you can use it to call worldwide.


   CenterVoIP use voip technology to transfer voice over internet,on the meaning time we are able to provide very low price.


    You can click "Forget your password?" on the admin page,  then fill in your username or email address, system will send password back to your email.


    Use the international format: 00 + country code + area code + number,for example, 00862166668888

    Use phone-to-phone from the client software

    Use local access number: 4006-767-950, bind your phone number first at


    Two conditions: Single purchase is no less than 500rmb;Order at least 2 usernames.


     As long as your buy more than 5000minutes for one country , you will get 8% discount of rate for the pointed country.


    Instantly via internet banks or alipay; One working day via bank transfer.


    You can check call detail and cost in the admin page, Select "Show Calls" on the left menu to see detail.


    If you have any other question, please contact us:


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